This online event brings together a number of academics, educators, students, activists, practitioners, and diversity trainers to discuss what #queeringthecurriculum means in 2021.

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What are hetero- and cis-normativity and how do they operate in the higher education arena? How can we ensure that our courses, educational material, activities, and power structures account for the multiple and diverse ways in which our students express and embody their sexualities and genders? Queer activists and academics have long asserted that heteronormativity and cisnormativity are embedded in the fabric of society, including education. It is therefore argued that challenging these structures is at the heart of creativing a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. What does it mean to instructors to not only address but to also incorporate sexual and gender minority identities and experiences into their curriculum? What might a ‘queer curriculum’ look like? And how would this framework affect students’ lives and experiences in higher education and beyond?   


   Thu - 24 JuneFri – 25 JuneSat - 26  June
10:00-10:15  Introduction:  Sebastian Cordoba  Introduction: Federica Masieri  Introduction:  Brian Mccook 
10:15-11:15  Bex Bothwell-O’Hearn   
Chair:  Suzanne Albary  
Alfonso Pezzella  
Chair:  Jane Harvey-Lloyd    
Student Panel   
Chair: Darragh Briscomb
11:30-12:30  Louise Carter
Chair:  Jennifer Coe  
Zowie Davy   
Chair:  Sebastian Cordoba  
Martin Von Fragstein  
Chair:  Jane Harvey-Lloyd  
12:30-1:30  Break  Break  Break  
1:30-2:30  Pallawi Sinha  
Chair:  Heidi Dix  
Danielle Roe   
Chair:  Aida Rajic  
Jessica Lynn  
Chair:  Sebastian Cordoba  
2:45-3:45  Joshua Paiz   
Chair:  Marianna Stella  
Ilaria Ruzza and Giovanni Papalia  
Chair: Federica Masieri  
Elly Barnes  and Gerlinde Achenbach
Chair:  Marianna Stella  
3:45-4:00  Closing remarks:  Sebastian Cordoba  Closing remarks:  Federica Masieri  Closing remarks:  Brian Mccook


Thursday, June 24th Abstracts

Dr Sebastian Cordoba (he/him) – Introduction – June 24

Bex Bothwell-O’Hearn(she/her) – Do students see themselves reflected in the curriculum? 

Dr Louise Carter (she/her) Queering the Past, Present and Future

Dr Pallawi Sinha(she/her) – Decolonising /queering the curriculum: Do subaltern sexualities have a voice in Higher Education?  

Dr Joshua Paiz(they/them) – Navigating queer-inclusive curricular negotiations in Higher Ed 

Dr Sebastian Cordoba (he/him) – Closing Remarks – June 24

Friday, June 25th  Abstracts   

Dr Federica Masieri (she/her) – Introduction – June 25

Alfonso Pezzella(he/him) – Developing a culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education  

Dr Zowie Davy(she/her) – What does queering the curriculum mean?   

Danielle Roe (she/her) –AutOnoME: Gender + neurodivergent photo elicitation study 

Ilaria Ruzza (she/her) and Giovanni Papalia (he/him) The Italian Sat Pink trans people support group: Tell tales and experience from a charity in the North-East of Italy   

Dr Federica Masieri (she/her) – Closing Remarks – June 25

Saturday, June 26th Abstracts     

Professor Brian Mccook (he/him) – Introduction – June 26

Darragh Briscomb (he/him), Axel Medcalf (they/them), Jamie Steele (he/him), Jess Howard (she/her), Meg Wright (she/her), and Charlie Cook (he/him) – University of Suffolk – Student panel    

Dr Martin Von Fragstein (he/him) – Queering the healthcare curriculum   

Jessica Lynn(she/her) –Chasing Dreams”    

Dr Elly Barnes MBE(she/they) and Gerlinde Achenbach (she/they) –Educate and Celebrate  

Please visit https://www.educateandcelebrate.org/ to learn more about Dr Elly Barnes MBE’s and Gerlinde Achenbach’s wonderful work.

Professor Brian Mccook (he/him) – Introduction – June 26


Dr Suzanne Albary (she/her), Senior Lecturer in Business Research Methods

Darragh Briscomb (he/him), SU LGBTQ+ Officer, Mobile and Web Development Student (Second Year)

Dr Sebastian Cordoba (he/him), Lecturer in Psychology

Jennifer Coe (she/her), Associate Lecturer in Psychology

Heidi Dix (she/her), Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Dr Jane Harvey-Lloyd (she/her), Associate Professor in Diagnostic Radiography

Dr Federica Masieri (she/her), Associate Professor in Regenerative Medicine

Professor Brian Mccook (he/him), Dean Of Social Sciences And Humanities

Dr Aida Rajic (she/her), Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Marianna Stella (she/her), Lecturer in Education and Childhood Studies

Organisers and Contact Information

LGBTQ+ Staff Network

Gender and Sexuality Research Interest Group  

Dr Sebastian Cordoba (he/him) – s.cordoba [at] uos.ac.uk

Dr Federica Masieri (she/her)

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